Our Self Assessment Team (SAT) is comprised of 18 people across postgraduate, post-doctorate, professional and academic categories who help us ensure that we have a well-rounded view of how common issues impact different staff groups and career stages.

The 2015-16 SAT members are:

Allan Hollinsworth is a PhD student in ESRG studying the permeability evolution of crystalline fault zones. Having completed his undergraduate degree in 2015, Allan has joined the Athena Swan program’s post-graduate team within GES with the aim of furthering the University ambition to promote ideals of equality.

Angela Last is a Research Associate in human geography. She joined GES in 2013 for a three-year post, her fourth non-permanent post after her PhD. In addition to being a member the Athena Swan team, Angela is involved in the Race, Culture and Equality group at the Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers and in activism around non-heteronormativity.

Annemarie Pickersgill is a current PhD student in Earth Sciences studying geology and geochronology of impact craters at GES and SUERC. In addition to working on her research project she is a demonstrator for levels 2 and 3, a STEM ambassador, and participates in outreach events. This is her first year participating in SWAN@GES.

Dawn Bradshaw has been with GES since 2007 as Head of School Administration and leads the DATA group for Athena Swan since 2015. She’s hopeful that her work with Athena SWAN might be a helpful for her management of professional staff in terms of skills and career development. She lives in a dual career household with 2 cats.

Daniel Köhn, is a Lecturer and joined GES 2011 from a non-permanent position at the University of Mainz, Germany. He is student advisor and exams officer for the honours ES degree. Daniel is part of a dual career household, has two children, and works from home when possible due to long commuting hours.

Grant Anderson is a current PhD student. After having studied Geography at undergraduate level in GES, he progressed to complete the MRes in Human Geography in 2015, also at the University of Glasgow. Grant is a social geographer, whose research interests focus on the intersections between gender, sexuality and geography. He is new to the Swan@GES team.

Hayden Lorimer is Professor of Cultural Geography. He has been a member of lecturing staff in the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences at the University of Glasgow since 2003. Hayden is part of a dual career household. He and his partner have one child. Hayden tends to work from home for part of the week due to a long commuting journey.

Hester Parr (Chair of AS SAT) is a Professor in Human Geography and has worked in GES for 6 years. She joined as a part-time member of staff at Reader level, after a year’s maternity leave and a short career break. She became a full-time member of staff in 2013. She has served on Swan@GES SAT since 2012 and was part of the bronze-award application team. She now chairs the SAT. She is part of a dual academic career household.

Iain Neill is a University Teacher, geochemist and tectonic geologist, having joined GES in 2014 after several years of postdoctoral research in Durham. He is Level 1 course coordinator for Earth Science and also teaches regularly on residential field courses. He is new to the SAT.

Jaime L. Toney is a Senior Lecturer in Organic Geochemistry. She joined GES as a non-permanent post-doctoral research associate in April 2011. She became a full-time member of staff in March 2013 and is a Health & Safety Officer, manages a research and laboratory group, and teaches 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year courses in Earth Science and Geography. She has served on the SWAN@GES SAT since its conception in 2012 and was part of the bronze-award application team. She is a single parent with full custody and occasionally works from home to accommodate caring duties of her daughter.

Jean McPartland is a Personal Assistant to the Head of School in GES.  She joined the University in 1998 and GES in 2006. She has served on the SWAN@GES SAT as Clerk since its conception in 2012, and was part of the bronze-award application team.  Jean is part of a dual career household and has two children.

John MacDonald is a Lecturer in Earth Sciences. He joined GES in March 2015 after 2 years of postdoc at Imperial College London where he was briefly involved in their Silver Athena Swan award. This is his first permanent academic position.

Kathryn Schoenrock is a PDRA phycologist working on a paleoclimate project with Nicholas Kamenos in the GES at University of Glasgow. She has worked extensively on the physiology and ecology of marine macroalgae on tropical, temperate and polar reefs. She joined the SAT in 2015 and now leads the SOC sub-group.

Martin Lee is Professor of Earth and Planetary Science. He joined the University of Glasgow as a Lecturer in 2000, and became Head of the School of GES in August 2015. Martin is line manager for 35 members of academic staff in the School.

Rhian Thomas is a Lecturer in Physical Geography and joined GES 11 years ago. She works part-time and during her time at GES has had three maternity leaves, so has child-care responsibilities for three young children, having returned from the last maternity leave in January 2015. She is Convener of Level 4 Geography and Exams Officer for GES. She joined the successful bronze award-winning GES Athena Swan team in 2015.

Sabina Lawrie is a current PhD student in Human Geography, and completed her undergraduate degree at Glasgow in 2011. After a 2 year gap teaching English, she returned on a 1+3 Masters and PhD programme in 2013. She has taught on both 1st and 2nd year courses during her time as a PhD student. She joined Swan@GES in 2014 and heads up the PG sub-group and serves on the ST group. She lives with her partner, and spends most of her free time dancing or dressmaking.

Yvonne Finlayson is the Technical Unit Manager in GES, responsible for the Technical staff, a member of GES Executive Committee and the Chair of GES Health & Safety Committee. She has been a full time member of staff for over 30 years. She has been part of Athena Swan GES SAT Committee since 2015.

Katie Farrell is the Glasgow University Equalities officer that links the GES SAT with the University.

In order to undertake our work, we split our efforts into 4 teams that report back to the main ‘self assessment team’ (SAT):

Data Acquisition group (DA)

Chair: Dawn Bradshaw, members: Jaime Toney, Daniel Koehn, Ian Neill (HOS overview) 

The DA group collect data on all undergraduate, PGR, PG taught and staff gender profiles. They look at a range of other data relating to Athena SWAN requirements.

Seminar Organisation and Communications group (SAT-SOC):

Chair: Kathryn Schoenrock, members: Jaime Toney, Hester Parr, AnneMarie Pickersgill, Rhian Thomas, Grant Anderson, Ian Neill, Yvonne Finlayson.

The SOC organise events (eg. pizza socials, workshops) every semester and run focus groups with relevant groups.

Survey Team (ST)

Chair: Hester Parr, members: Hayden Lorimer, Rhian Thomas, Angela Last, Sabina Lawrie

The ST design and administer surveys to the academic and professional staff every 2 years.

Postgraduate representatives group (SAT-PGR):

Chair: Sabina Lawrie, members Grant Anderson and AnneMarie Pickersgill, Allan Hollinsworth

The PGR representatives survey all PGRs in the school every two years, represent Athena SWAN locally and assist with all aspects of SAT work.