'What is good for women is good for everyone’

Welcome to Athena SWAN in Geographical and Earth Sciences

Athena SWAN in Geographical and Earth Sciences is known locally as ‘SWAN@GES’. We first engaged with Athena Swan in 2012-13 and currently hold a Silver Award. This pathway means that we are now able to incorporate professional staff in the Athena SWAN programme and action plan at a local level. This inclusive approach should encourage further improvement of our workplace for all.

Our local by-line is ‘what is good for women is good for everyone’, and we strive to make SWAN@GES relevant and helpful to all genders.

The GES SAT is very active and hosts regular social and career development events, some of which are reported on these pages.

We are concerned with issues that span the whole school and this makes our programme of action very busy and engaged.

We have recently put in place a variety of interventions to help staff at work: we cover issues such as work-life balance, women’s career development opportunities, informal mentoring, academic promotions and education about gender in Geography and Earth Science.

Our Athena Swan Bronze Application

GES Work Stories

The supportive atmosphere promoted in GES by the Athena Swan activities has improved my confidence as an early-career scholar and has made me aware of a range of provision that I can access to develop my career. Cheryl McGeachan


Athena SWAN provides me with reassurance that GES is an organisation that is working towards helping balance a positive work-life arrangement. It seems increasingly possible to me to have both a career and a rich ‘home life’. Sabrina Lawrie

Postgraduate Researcher

For me, the work Athena SWAN is doing to promote a good work life balance is really important.  While it’s good for me as a parent, it’s good for everyone.  Whatever your home situation, we all deserve a balanced life style. Vern Phoenix